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"Discover Closely Guarded Insider Traffic Sources That The Big Boys Are Using!"

Learn and Use these sources To Drive Massive Amounts Of Targeted Visitors To Your Site !

From: Steve Clarke

Are you spending way too much money on advertising to get visitors to your online business or affiliate sites? If you have used some of the big advertisers like Google or Bing then you know how fast you can spend your money on advertising that does not deliver the customers you are looking for.

Well there are other ways to use these platforms to get more traffic without spending a fortune. Besides the run of the mill paid advertising from these sites there are many other places that you can use to  find visitors that fit the profile you are looking for without spending all your advertising dollars.

Well instead of the normal ways to get visitors there many other unknown places where you can source more visitors for a lot less money.

Best Insider Traffic Sources

This six video no nonsense course can show nubies and seasoned online entrepreneurs other less know places to advertise and get insane traffic.

You can instantly download this 6 module video course.

Video 1:
Undiscovered PPC Traffic Sources On The Internet

This video will start out by introducing you to many little known sites that offer PPC advertising sites that most marketers don't know about.

  • These site are less restrictive than Google Ad Words
  • These site are less costly than the bigger ad sites
  • You can target by selecting a category or actually specify what type of website you would like your ad displayed on

Video 2:
How To Up The Ante With PPV/CPV Advertising

See how you can save money with this method of advertising

Inside Video 2, you'll discover...

  • What is PPV and CPV advertising and how can you get it to work for your business
  • What are pop-ups, pop-under and Interstitial ads
  • When is PPV or CPV better to use than PPC

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Video 3:
Control Your Destiny Using Self-Serve Advertising Networks

Take control of where you want your ads displayed with Self-Serve Ad Networks.

  • Make your own media buys
  • Use display ads to attract more customers
  • Pick what websites you want your ads displayed on

Video  4:
Get Major Traffic Using Multi Channel Media Buys

Once you gain some experience with the platforms mentioned in the previous videos you will be able to take advantage of these multi channel advertising platforms.

  • These networks deliver major sources of traffic
  • Work with ad managers and ad reps
  • See how to reach iPhone,iPad and Android users
  • The networks reach millions of targeted users

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Video  5:
Get On Board With Social Media and Mobile Advertising

In this video you will learn that Facebook is not the only game in town when it comes to social media advertising.

  • Discover little known social media platforms that offer advertising that you can target potential customer better that Facebook
  • Target people on age , gender, zip code, profession, income and even more
  • More and more people are using there smart phones these days so find out how to reach them

Video  6:
In-Text Advertising and Retargeting/Remarketing

Learn about retargeting customers by knowing their internet movements and buying habits.

  • Learn how to get your brand or product keywords matched with websites that have potential customer like yours
  • Put your product in front of people based on their internet browsing history
  • Attain customers by finding people who share your customers same traits

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Video Course: 6 Modules
Module 1: Undiscovered PPC Sources
Find out about little known PPC networks
Module 2: PPV and CPV advertising
Learn more about pop-up and pop-under ads
Module 3: What are the best self-serve ad networks
Take control of your advertising plans
Module 4: Learn about Multi Channel media buys
Reach millions of iPhone, iPad and Android users
Module 5: Social and Mobile marketing
More and more people are using there smart phones these days so find out how to reach them
Module 6: Retargetting and remarketing
Attain customers by finding those who share your customer's same traits

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